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  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m

Holistic approach to energy management

Client Name: Over £1m in savings for Compass Group
Discover how Inenco helped the Compass Group fully understand and make the most of their energy portfolio through a variety of services.

The Results

As a trusted partner of the Compass Group, Inenco has delivered over £1m in tangible savings across the group through a holistic range of services:

+ By implementing a Flexible Procurement strategy, Compass allowed themselves to take advantage of the market changes which meant that we were able to deliver over £600K in savings against the market.

+ We also were able to identify over £300K in savings through our Check & Correct service, giving Compass additional finances to apply elsewhere in the business.

+ Our Review & Recover service was able to uncover savings of £91K per annum alongside annual savings of 25% on their energy efficiencies

+ We ensured that Compass was compliant 100% of the time with key energy legislation such as CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment), ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), EUETS (EU Emissions Trading Scheme) and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) reporting.

Our Approach

Assessed needs

Inenco first took a deep look into their whole energy portfolio to assess their needs and develop an approach that met their aims


Inenco then proposed several services to Compass including Flex Procurement, Check & Correct, Review & Recover and Compliance to ensure that all their energy requirements were met


Once agreed, Inenco then set about implementing these services across Compass’ sites, along with a regular report on progress as well as savings

Continued support

Inenco continually supports Compass and their energy aims and ensures that all services provided are providing them with the best value

“We chose to work with Inenco because they are the market leaders in energy consultancy and this has paid off significantly. Working with Inenco has helped us to fully understand our complex energy portfolio and delivered to us cost savings across our portfolio. Inenco has been the perfect energy partner for us and their expertise have helped us stay compliant while helping us take advantage of the market”

Amy Brogan, Head of Strategic Sourcing

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