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Future Utilities Manager Report

15th June 2017

The Future Utilities Manager Research Report provides insight into how the role of the energy manager will change by 2030, and has highlighted the level of investment needed.

The role of the energy manager is predicted to become even more critical in reducing non-domestic carbon emissions, but, with gaps in skills and technology being identified, businesses must start investing in the tools and training required, else UK carbon targets could be put at risk.

The role of the energy manager has changed beyond recognition over the past 20 years, however the FTE cost of upskilling and recruiting in-house experts to manage the ever-growing role is often overlooked.

The Future Utilities Manager report from Inenco offers analysis as well as thought leadership on the role of the energy manager now and in the future.

The report includes:

Section 1: An ever-changing role:

An in-depth analysis, highlighting how the role of an energy manager has evolved from 1996 to today, exposing the neglected OPEX costs.

Section 2: The TPI difference:

A cost/benefit analysis today of access to ready-made TPI expertise vs. recruiting new FTE and upskilling in-house resource alongside a trend analysis looking at how and why this cost may change by 2030 and beyond.

Section 3: Tomorrow’s business utilities manager

A forward-looking insight into the role of tomorrow’s utilities manager. With access to variables such as dynamic demand management, the IoT, smarter systems and battery storage, this report predicts how the role may look in the future.

Download Inenco’s Future Utilities Manager report to discover how your role will evolve over the coming years, preparing you and your business for future action.