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Inenco’s procurement strategy results in cost avoidance of £23m for NHS Trusts

19th October 2021

The well-documented increases in wholesale gas prices have impacted energy managers budgets across the NHS. This comes at a time when increasing pressure is being applied on Trusts to source additional funding to transform their estate, in order to meet NHS England’s carbon net-zero targets.

It is therefore crucial that your Trust develops an effective energy buying strategy that allows you to mitigate the types of fluctuations in the energy market that we are experiencing currently.

Often the ability to pick your own strategy is not offered to Trusts, however, at Inenco we work with our NHS clients to develop a unique procurement strategy that works for them and meets the needs of their Trust.

Inenco’s expert procurement specialists not only focus on the right strategy for your Trust but also the timing of contracting and length of the contract, allowing us to effectively manage risk and optimise price over the duration of the market cycle.

This often results in significant cost avoidance for our NHS clients.

The analysis below highlights that Inenco’s buying strategy for its NHS clients will result in cost avoidance of £23.2M for April 22 vs an October trading window. In addition, a further avoided cost of £13.7M for 2023.

Market prices are accurate as of 8th October 2021.

As you can see in the above analysis whilst market prices continue to fluctuate, Inenco has secured a relatively consistent price across both gas and power, resulting in a significant saving for our NHS clients.

This also has the added advantage to Trusts of increased budget certainty at the senior level and has allowed the estate’s teams to more effectively plan how to spend their budget, including assigning funds for important decarbonisation and net-zero carbon projects.

To speak to one of our NHS experts on how we can help you develop your Trust with your procurement strategy, contact us on 01253 785294 or email us at