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  • Our experts process over 93,000 invoices per month and we've recovered over £11m in over-charges for our clients in the last year
  • We provide support to over 500 businesses for energy and carbon management
  • Our solutions team have identified savings of £37.5m per annum for our clients, a total of 495,338,992 kWh savings identified
  • Last year we saved our CCA clients alone £25.5m

Climate Change Agreements (CCA)

Helping your organisation to navigate the scheme and achieve your commitments.

We’ll help you achieve your Climate Change Agreement commitments

Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) are voluntary agreements that allow eligible energy-intensive sectors to receive a reduction of up to 90% on Climate Change Levy (CCL) in return for committing to pre-determined energy efficiency targets. Manufacturers within the mineralogical and metallurgical sectors may be eligible for up to 100% relief.

Inenco’s team of CCA experts have guided over 200 organisations through the scheme, with current clients benefiting from savings of £25 million per annum. We can advise you on the best ways to maximise the relief for your organisation and assist in achieving targets, helping to keep your energy budget in good shape.


A Climate Change Agreement provides a broad spectrum of benefits for your organisation. Relief of CCL and avoidance of Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) are two obvious direct benefits, but those organisations that choose to partner with Inenco can achieve much more.

Paying CCL

If you are currently paying full rate CCL, there is potential to obtain up to 100% relief, depending on your energy intensive process. CCL is due to increase significantly in 2019, a CCA can help you to protect against the increase in charges.


Qualifying energy can enable your organisation to claim full or partial exemption from the CRC energy efficiency scheme. This is dependent on the company structure and the scope of eligible processes across your business.

Energy Efficiency
We will be on hand to recommend and review the energy reduction opportunities for your organisation in order to support you in achieving your energy performance targets. Not only will this enhance the financial benefits of the scheme, but it will allow you to concentrate on the core priorities of your business.

How Inenco will help

We’ll project manage the whole process for you, from identifying the best ways to achieve the targets and helping with the implementation of those measures, to completing compliance requirements and managing key milestones on your behalf. We’ll make it easy for you to track your progress throughout the process, along with the financial benefits.

If you are an energy intensive user, then a Climate Change Agreement could be a benefit to you. Get in touch with our energy experts today by completing the contact form on the right.


If you hold an existing CCA or are captured by CRC, talk to us about the processes you carry out and we will advise on your compliance requirements. We have successfully assisted companies to improve their CCA performance and expect to realise savings through reduction of penalties and negotiation of variations equating to £1.5m throughout the current phase of the scheme.


Our Approach

Assess eligibility and performance

Our experts will undertake detailed analysis of your facilities operations to ensure financial benefits are maximised and targets are set accurately within the parameters of the scheme

Track and Report

We monitor and regularly report your performance against target, enabling you to forecast savings and projected penalties

Recommend and Improve

We recommend and review energy reduction opportunities to support you in achieving your energy performance targets, enhancing the financial benefits of the scheme

Manage ongoing compliance

Our audit standard compliance service is focused on ensuring future compliance. Our service is structured to ensure you meet key milestones and advise you on the impact to your business of future changes to the scheme



Quality Solutions: Supporting an international organisation with their CCA Management

A leading international manufacturing company were concerned about their CCA compliance so contracted Inenco to review their company operations and assess compliance requirements.

Our Approach

  1. Inenco explained the CCA Management service
  2. Inenco identified that a number of sites were not maximising the financial benefits of the scheme
  3. CCL relief was not being claimed, Inenco corrected this on behalf of the client
  4. Inenco undertook a full group operations review and successfully negotiated new CCAs at 8 facilities across the UK


Inenco’s experience of working with manufacturing companies has enabled us to identify further savings by restructuring CCAs due to changes in product and by ensuring performance is reported correctly within the boundaries of the scheme.

To date, this organisation have saved their business £1.5 million and were able to start claiming their annual CCL discount, as a result of recommendations from Inenco’s CCA management service.

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