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Is your business ready for ESOS Phase 2?

This year, many energy managers will be focusing on reporting, with the ESOS Phase 2 deadline looming and the new Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting scheme commencing in April. If your business is required to comply with one or both of these schemes, will you be ready?

Many businesses that were eligible for ESOS Phase 1 failed to achieve timely compliance, despite the Environment Agency’s decision to extend the deadline by over a month. Over 40% were non-compliant by the extension date, and many left compliance until the last minute – the EA received 1,015 notifications of compliance in the two days before the final deadline (29th January 2016).

If you’re eligible for ESOS Phase 2, you should already be working towards compliance, as the deadline is 5th December 2019. Penalties for those that aren’t compliant in time can reach up to £50,000, and the EA has already issued fines to fifteen companies that failed to comply in Phase 1, including Ebay and Gumtree.

If your business is one of the estimated 11,900 companies required to comply with SECR, you will also need to start collecting data on your energy consumption from 1st April 2019, in order to include it in your next annual report. While the aim of SECR is to make reporting easier for businesses, you will still need to set time and resources aside to dedicate to achieving compliance.

Are you ready?

At Inenco, we’re keen to ensure that businesses understand their compliance obligations and they have the support they need to achieve timely compliance.

We’re working with The Energyst to find out how prepared eligible organisations are for SECR and ESOS Phase 2. We’ve created a short survey to gauge how energy managers are responding to the new reporting landscape, and we will use our findings to create an informative report, including useful tips for those that may need help with compliance.

Are you well on the way to compliance, or has it slipped down your to-do list? Click here to take the survey.