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Ready to put your energy contract out to tender? Your top 5 questions answered

As the market has been volatile for some time now, and it’s likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to take some time to assess whether your approach to energy procurement is still working for your business. If you’re coming to the end of your existing contract, working with an energy consultant like Inenco is often the best way to optimise your energy strategy – but not all consultants are equal.

Inenco’s procurement specialists have placed contracts for thousands of customers over the years, and have found that many customers have the same concerns when they’re seeking help from consultants. So here Peter Hoyle, Risk Manager at Inenco, provides the answers to some of your most common questions…

Does Inenco research the entire market?

We analyse the whole market when we’re looking for the right contract for a customer. We have long-standing relationships with numerous suppliers, including the ‘Big 6’, which means that we can work with them to negotiate better terms on behalf of our customers.

Unlike consultants that only represent certain suppliers, our advice is completely impartial and the contracts that we recommend to customers are based purely on their requirements, rather than any supplier affiliations.

What does Inenco need to know about our organisation to choose the best deal for us?

In order for us to decide on the best purchasing strategy for any business, we’ll need to have a good understanding of their current requirements. We do this by gathering information on the number of sites a business has and their typical consumption levels etc. to help us to get a well-rounded view of the current situation.

We then talk to the customer to find out what their aims and buying preferences are, to ensure that the contracts we recommend will be the right fit for them. Establishing a business’s priorities when it comes to areas like budget certainty and their appetite for risk is vital for us to be able to make well-informed recommendations.

How can Inenco help us to switch our supplier?

When a business chooses us to handle the switching process, we guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Once we know what their requirements are, we use our internal systems to critically analyse all of the different offerings from suppliers. Our system allows us to view all of the commodity and pass-through costs associated with each offer, so all of the offers we show our customers are completely transparent and costed accurately.

Once the customer has chosen a supplier and they’ve paid any outstanding invoices they have with their current supplier, we handle the process going forward. We’ll inform the new supplier that they’ve been successful and ensure that we place the contract within a timescale that suits the customer’s requirement. The time it takes to switch will vary depending on the supply that’s being switched –  a half-hourly supply can take up to 10 days to switch, whereas a gas supply can take up to 28 days, for example.

How will we pay for Inenco’s services?

Inenco’s services can either be paid via an annual fee, or through commission included in the unit rate, which we can then claim back from the supplier. Depending on what the customer has agreed with us, the rate of commission could either change or remain the same throughout the length of the supply.

How will you support us once the contract has been signed?

Our support doesn’t end once the contract has been placed – we provide all of our customers with a dedicated Account Manager who will be there to help them with whatever queries they may have about their supply. Businesses that opt for a flexible contract will also be allocated a Risk Manager & Trader, who will assist in the multiple strategy and purchasing decisions they’ll need to make throughout the duration of the contract.

With so many different offerings from different suppliers, we know that it can be difficult to be certain which is the best choice for your business. When your contract is due for renewal, get in touch with Inenco’s procurement experts so you can rest assured that your energy strategy meets your business’s needs – call us on 08451 46 36 26 or email